Jan 31 '17 16:05

A Christmas party for the Nijmegen police last month ended with police officers passed out and "urinating in sinks", according to an internal email in which a police team leader calls his colleagues to order, which the Gelderlander managed to get hold of. 

"We issued a card that does not fit with our position iin the Nijmegen society", the email reads. "How can we as independent law enforcement enter a bar tomorrow and call others on their behavior."

Nov 17 '15 13:35

A Groningen dentist was reprimanded by the medical disciplinary committee after a 7 year old patient ended up in an emergency room hallucinating due to an overdose of a sedative.

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Mar 27 '14 10:19

Police say an eleven-year-old boy who shined a laser pen at an Apache helicopter has been reprimanded because he blinded the pilots.

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