"I want that sick madman to be punished": victim of webcam pedophile linked to Amanda Todd suicide

"I want that sick madman to be punished. He should be locked up until he is cured", one of the victims of suspected webcam pedophile Aydin C. said in the court in Amsterdam on Thursday. The Tilburg man is suspected of blackmailing dozens of underage girls after convincing them to strip for him in front of their webcams. C. remained silent in court on Thursday, AD reports.

The victim who spoke in court today was 10 years old when she and a friend undressed in front of a webcam. A few years later she was sent footage of the two of them with the message "Add me on Skype. We're going to play." 

The Prosecutor believes that this little girl was one of the first of 34 girls victimized by C. He is also suspected of extorting five homosexual men. His victims come from he Netherlands, England, Norway, the United States, Australia and Canada. According to the Prosecutor, Canadian teen Amanda Todd was also one of his victims. She committed suicide in 2012 after years of digital torment and harassment. In addition to sex crimes, C. is also suspected of producing, possessing and spreading child pornography, fraud, blackmail, identity theft and drug possession, among others.

According to the Prosecutor, C. approached the girls on chat sites or through social media. He slowly convinced and tricked them into stripping for him in front of the webcam. Later he used photos of them doing so to force them to perform more sexual acts. If they didn't, he threatened to spread the photos of them among their Facebook friends. He used similar methods with the five male victims, but forcing them to pay him money. 

Evidence of this was found on records of chat conversations on computers and hard drives in C.'s house. The storage devices also contained thousands of pornographic photos and movies, including of children. There is still one hard drive the authorities have not yet managed to break into. 

C. remained silent during Thursday's proceedings, according to AD. On Wednesday he stated he'd wait to have the last say. Attempts to convince him otherwise proved in vain. "I told my story to my lawyers. It rust that they will articulate it well", was all he would say.