Coldest night of the season as temps near -11 degrees

Last night temperatures dropped to below -10 degrees Celsius in multiple places in the Netherlands last night. At the air base in Twente the minimum temperature dropped to a whopping -10.8 degrees, making last night the coldest night of this winter season so far, according to Weerplaza.

The previous coldest night of the season was on January 6th, when the minimum temperature dropped to -10.2 degrees, also in Twente.

The low temperatures are good news for ice skating enthusiasts, according to AD. Weerplaza expects maximum temperatures in the east and southeast to climb to only around 1 degree Celsius today, meaning that many ice rinks in those areas should be open again today. The natural ice also became stronger, but the thickness may vary greatly from place to place. So its best to be careful and stick to ice rinks for the time being.

Weerplaza expects the icy weather to stick around for a while yet. Minimum temps of below -5 degrees are expected for almost every night this week. And maximum temperatures are not expected to hit double digits.