Nearly 7,000 complaints about new train schedule

Travelers association Rover received nearly 7 thousand complaints about the new NS train schedule since it was implemented on December 11th. That is almost five times more than the usual level of complaints, the association said in Trouw on Thursday.

Rover set up a special hotline for complaints about the new schedule. So far about 3,500 complaints were lodged at that hotline. Another 3,300 complaints came in via the Rover website about overcrowded trains. And the complaints keep streaming in. In a normal month, Rover gets about 1,500 complaints in a normal month. 

The complaints mostly regarded too little time to switch trains, longer commutes, overcrowded trains and extra train switches. 

The association is amazed by the huge number of complaints, a spokesperson said to the newspaper. "We thought that the new timetable would be an improvement. Now we're not so sure anymore." Rover will soon discuss this with NS, but expects that it will take some time before major problems are resolved.

An NS spokesperson told the newspaper that the company is making small adjustments based ono the initial experience of the new schedule. NS also expects the high number of complaints as part of the course while both travelers and railway personnel get accustomed to the new timetable.