Kids find dead body on Arnhem playground

Police officer and sniffer dog search a wooded area
Police officer and sniffer dog search a wooded areaPolitie

A group of children found the body of a woman in a grove on Engelenburgstraat in Arnhem on Wednesday. The body was reportedly that of a 68-year-old who went missing the day after Christmas.

A local resident told the Gelderlander that the victim was almost completely naked, only wearing underpants. There were plastic bags and other pieces of rubbish around her. 

The kids found the body in a grove about 15 meters away from a playground. It was lying behind some trees, not easily visible. One of the ids' fathers went to see what was going on and called the police.

The police launched an investigation, placing a mobile office at the crime scene, the Gelderlander reports. According to the newspaper, the police usually place a mobile office at the crime scene when there is reason to further investigate a death.

The police guarded the area on Wednesday night, closing the area off with crime scene tape to keep the public at a distance.