Dutch Prosecutor to focus on social media discrimination in run up to elections

The Public Prosecutor is paying extra attention to discrimination on social media with the elections coming up on March 15th, chief prosecutor Theo Hofstee said in an interview with AT5. He wants quick action if someone is insulted or discriminated against.

"I expect that with the police we must be very alert to what is going on on social media. And we mus act quickly if someone is abusing the debate about the election in order to insult or discriminate", he said to the Amsterdam broadcaster. "With the elections approaching, there is more debate and emotions sometimes get the upper hand." 

"We want to make sure that all opinions can be expressed, but in a correct way", Hofstee said. "and if that does not happen, we must act quickly. People who participate in politics, such as Sylvana Simons, must be protected."

Earlier this month the Public Prosecutor announced that at least 10 people will be prosecuted for insulting and threatening Simons.

On Saturday Simons announced that she is leaving political party DENK to start her own party - Artikel 1. According to Simons DENK did not support her enough while she was being threatened and she does not agree with the party's course, RTL Nieuws reports.