Icy roads to cause busy morning rush hour

Motorists on Dutch roads should be careful of icy roads on Wednesday morning, espeacially in the western parts of the country. A supply of relatively moist air from the sea is now frozen on the ground, Weeronline warns. Bridges and overpasses may be especially slippery.

Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow weather warning for slick roads for the provinces Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Zealand, Utrecht and Flevoland. The slickness will disappear during the course of the morning. "All road users may be hindered. Adjust your driving behavior. Follow weather forecasts and warnings", the KNMI advises.

On Tuesday night temperatures dropped below freezing in ost of the country. Eindhoven was the coldest, where temperatures dropped to -8.4 degrees. By morning the temperatures varied widely throughout the Netherlands, ranging from -7 in the eastern parts of Noord-Brabant to plus 7 degrees in the northwest of Noord-Holland.

Wednesday will start sunny in the south of the country, and cloudy in the north. There is a chance of showers in the northeast of the country. The clouds will spread across the Netherlands during the course of the day. Afternoon temperatures will range from 3 degrees in Zuid-Limburg to 8 degrees on the Wadden.