Murdered man's family demands payment from tennis coach suspect

Mark de J. (Photo: Mark de J. / Facebook)Mark de J. (Photo: Mark de J. / Facebook)

The surviving family of businessman Koen Everink filed a lawsuit in an Utrecht court on Wednesday demanding just over 26 thousand euros from Mark de J. De J. was arrested on March 24 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on suspiscion of stabbing Everink to death at Everink's Bilthoven home. The victim was found dead in a pool of blood there on March 4.

Everink's family says the killed man previously lent the tennis coach 27,750 euros, with an assurance it would be paid back after 13 months. De J. only made a one-time payment against the debt, newswire ANP reported.

De J. stated he was not involved with Everink's murder, though he is believed to have been at Everink's home on March 3 playing poker. Everink was also previously assaulted by well-known Dutch kickboxer Badr Hari in a luxury box during the 2012 Sensation White party at the Amsterdam Arena. In a statement to the court, Everink said he suffered permanent physical damage after the assault, for which Hari was convicted.

De J. is the former coach of Dutch tennis star Robin Haase. "Of course I hope that Mark did not do it," he told the Volkskrant in June.