Murderer's decision to turn self in after 13 years was "classy": neighbor


Frank S. did the "classy" thing when he decided to turn himself in for the murder of Alex Wiegmink 13 years after the fact, S.' neighbor, who drove him to the police station, said to AD.

According to the neighbor, S. had this secret weighing on his conscience for 13 years, he never even told his wife. But on Monday crime journalist Peter R. de Vries announced that there was a "breakthrough" in the so-called Posbank murder case. And after the case was discussed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday, S.' conscience could take no more. He first told his wife and then walked to his neighbor's house. 

S. told the neighbors the whole story and added that he wanted to go to the police. So his neighbor drove him to the police station in Uden. After his confession, investigators searched his house in Boekel and arrested S.' suspected accomplice in Veghel. 

"It's still classy that he told his story tot he police", the neighbor said to AD. "He could have kept it to himself for his whole life."

The editors of Opsporing Verzocht considers this suspect turning himself in as one of the biggest successes in the history of the program, according to the newspaper. "It happens that offenders report to the police after the broadcaast, but in a cold case it is unique." a spokesperson said.