Maastricht terror suspect to be extradited to Netherlands

Maastricht suspected terrorist is returning to the Netherlands next week, according to Limburg broadcaster L1. Serbia is extraditing the very pregnant 26-year-old woman and she is scheduled to land on Schiphol airport on Thursday.

Ramona S. was arrested in Belgrade with her Belgian-Turkish husband seven weeks ago. The authorities suspect her of trying to travel to Syria with the intent of joining a terrorist organization.

The Maastricht woman will be arrested immediately after her arrival at Schiphol. She will be arraigned the next day, according to L1. The magistrate will determine whether she will remain in custody. 

Ramona's mother is thrilled that her daughter is coming back to the Netherlands, but is also concerned, her lawyer Francoise Landerloo said to L1. "Where is Ramona going and where will she give birth? Those are questions the family have", the lawyer said. "Her mother is very worried and finds it very annoying that there's been no contact in all this time. but she is also relieved that she does not have to give birth in Belgrade.