Killer clown arrested in Roermond

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A so-called killer clown was arrested n Roermond on Friday night. Several motorists and cyclists reported the clown jumping out and scaring them, which helped the police catch him red handed, De Limburger reports. 

According to the newspaper, as far as is known this is the first killer clown to be spotted in Limburg. He was wearing a scary clown mask.

The clown turned out to be a 17-year-old boy from Roermond. He spent a night in a cell for violating the General Municipal Regulation, which states that people are not allowed to disguise themselves, except for special occasions.

Killer clowns are a phenomenon that spread to the Netherlands from the United States. Last week killer clowns were spotted in Almere, Rotterdam and Oss, among others. A killer clown in Delft got more than he expected when a 14-year-old boy beat him up after he scared the boy and his little brother.

The McDonald's fast food restaurants in the Netherlands decided to keep its clown mascot Ronald McDonald out of view until the killer clown thing dies down.