Sharp increase in male sexting blackmail victims in Netherlands

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Sexting (Picture: Twitter/@sluttygrlprobs). (Sexting (Picture: Twitter/@sluttygrlprobs))

Men in the Netherlands are increasingly blackmailed after online sexting or webcam sex, according to figure from national aid organization Helpwanted. In the first half of this year, the organization received 440 such reports. In all of last year, there were only 370 such cases, AD reports. 

The organization is sounding the alarm due to the rising numbers. According to a spokesperson, the vast majority of cases involves men or boys being blackmailed after webcam sex. The victims send naked photos or strip in front of their webcam for someone they chat with online. The person on the other side then extorts them for money, threatening to post the naked photos or footage online.

According to Helpwanted, some victims pay up to 13 thousand euros before seeking help.

Helpwanted advises victims to turn to the police at once. Never give money to the perpetrators or respond to their threats, according to the organization.