Another warm weather record broken

Sunday, September 25th, was the warmest September 25th since the Netherlands started recording temperatures measurements in 1901. The maximum temperature was measured at 23.8 degrees in De Bilt, breaking the 23.7 degrees record of September 25th, 1956, according to Weerplaza.

The eastern and southeastern parts of the Netherlands even had afternoon temperatures as high as 25 degrees on Sunday, and Maastricht had a hot afternoon at 26.6 degrees.

This is the 7th time this year a heat record is broken in the Netherlands. So far this year, only one cold record was broken - on April 26th when 7.7 degrees was the coldest April 26th in history. Last year 14 heat records were broken and one cold record.

The coming week will also be warmer than usual, with afternoon temperatures around 20 degrees expected. Wednesday and Thursday will even be around 21 and 23 degrees.