Volleyball star murder case heads to court; no settlement reached

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The lawyers of the suspects in the murder of Dutch couple Ingrid Visser and Louis Severein were unable to reached a settlement agreement with the prosecutors, according to Spanish media. The defense wants a 20 year prison sentence for the three main suspects, while the prosecutors want 50 years for murder. No compromise could be reached, AD reports. 

As no settlement was reached, the case is now heading to trial. The first hearing is scheduled for September 28th and a verdict is expected in mid-Noveber.

Dutch volleyball star Ingrid Visser and her partner Louis Severein were brutally murdered in Murica in mid-May 2013. Visser played for local club CAV Murcia 2005 between 2009 and 2011, before the club went under due to huge debts, including to Visser herself.

One of the suspects, Juan Cuenca Lorente, was a manager at the club and allegedly had a conflict with the Dutch couple. The judiciary believes that he paid the other two suspects - Romanians Valentin Ion and Constantin Stan- several thousand euros to get rid of the Dutch couple. The couple was killed in a holiday apartment in Molina de Segura, 8 km northwest of Murcia.