settlement agreement

Mar 17 '17 08:31

Former CDA minister Camiel Eurlings and the Public Prosecutor reached an agreement on settling outside of court, a spokesperson for Eurlings said in a statement on Thursday, reports.

Sep 22 '16 13:20

The lawyers of the suspects in the murder of Dutch couple Ingrid Visser and Louis Severein were unable to reached a settlement agreement with the prosecutors, according to Spanish media. The defense wants a 20 year prison sentence for the three main suspects, while the prosecutors want 50 years for murder. No compromise could be reached

Mar 14 '16 11:43

Ageas, the insurer left over after the collapse of Dutch-Belgian financial group Fortis, reached a 1.2 billion euro settlement agreement with Fortis shareholders. The money will be used to settle all outstanding legal claims of damages suffered when Fortis collapsed in 2007 and 2008

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