More arrests made in Zaandam neighborhood unrest

Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie))

On Tuesday night the police arrested another three people in the Zaandam neighborhood Poelenburg, the Noord-Holland police said on Twitter. This brings the total number of people arrested in the neighborhood this week up to 12.

On Monday night the police , they have all since been released, according to ANP.

A ninth person was arrested in his Zaandam home on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of sedition. Various Dutch media sources reports that this involves 19-year-old vlogger Ismail Ilgun. He is seen as the face of a group of young people causing trouble in the neighborhood and regularly posts videos of their antics on YouTube. The police searched his house and confiscated a number of things, including digital data carriers.

On Tuesday night a meeting was held about the problems in the neighborhood. According to ANP, about 50 local residents and the authorities attended, though the group of young people involved were not there.

The rest of the night was quiet with no noteworthy incidents, the police said.

Poelenburg has been restless for a few weeks. The neighborhood made headlines last week when a group of young people The news crew was reporting on harassment and intimidation at a local shopping center.

On Friday a swastika and racist messages in the shopping center. On Sunday city councilor Juliette Rot after she was harassed while giving an interview about the vandalism at the supermarket. The police are investigating.

On Monday night the municipality of Zaanstad, the police and the Public Prosecutor announced extra surveillance in the neighborhood. The police will act against gatherings, there will be extra patrols and some area bans may be implemented.