Court convicts high speed driver that caused fatal crash with family; 3 years in prison

Neil van der L. was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday for causing a fatal accident on the A2 near Maarssen late last year. His driver's license was also suspended. His driver's license was also suspended for four years, reports.

The sentence is less than the 8 years in prison and 10 years license suspension that the Public Prosecutor demanded.

Late December last year, Van der L. crashed into a car carrying a family at a speed of 237 kilometers per hour. He was under the influence of speed and cannabis. 42-year-old father Ricardo van Jaarsveld was killed and five others were injured. Two children were permanently disabled.

According to the judge, Van der L. was in a psychosis at the time of the accident, so it could not be manslaughter or attempted manslaughter. Which is why the sentence is lower than what the prosecutor demanded. The court did find him guilty of wrongful death.

The relatives of the victim are disappointed by the ruling. It is not yet clear whether the Public Prosecutor will appeal.