Rotterdam suspect re-arrested in French terrorism case

Arrest (Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Photo: Politie))

Two suspects that were previously arrested and released in the case surrounding French terrorism suspect Anis B., were arrested again. The suspects are both Antillean men, one from Rotterdam and the other from Vlaardingen. According the Public Prosecutor, another suspect in the case made an incriminating statement that led to their arrest, NRC reports.

The two men were first arrested in July. They were suspected of involvement in supplying ammunition to the terrorist organization Anis B. and other suspects belong to.

Anis B. was arrested in Rotterdam in March at the request of the French authorities. His name surfaced in a terrorism investigation in the country. The French suspect that B. prepared an attack that the authorities foiled earlier in March.

After his arrest, the police found some 45 kilograms of ammunition, including for Kalashnikovs, in the Rotterdam apartment on Burgemeester Meineszstraat where B. was staying. Two Algerians were arrested with B. One was released on Wednesday - he is suspected of connecting B. with the two Antillean suspects.

B. was extradited to France.