Rwandan genocide suspect wants back into the Netherlands

A Rwandan man deported from the Netherlands last year after suspicions of his involvement in genocide were revealed, is demanding that he be let back into the Netherlands as soon as possible. The court in The Hague is examining his case today, AD reports.

Rwandan man Jean de Dieu M. lived in the Netherlands for four years before his residency permit was revoked when information surfaced that he may have been guilty of genocide in the early 90's. M. denies these accusations, but the Netherlands does not want to shelter refugees suspected of serious crimes.

So M. was deported back to Rwanda on March 21st last year. He was arrested almost immediately after landing and now lives in a cell. According to his Dutch lawyer, Goral Sluiter, that goes against all the rules. "Deporting someone is allowed, but not if you know he'll be immediately arrested in his homeland. That is called extradition and has other procedures." the lawyer said to AD.

The lawyer and his client therefore believe that M. should be allowed to return to the Netherlands as soon as possible. M. is also demanding 400 euros in compensation for each day he was in custody in Rwanda. That amounts to over 200 thousand euros, according to the newspaper.


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