Traffic jams to Dutch beaches as residents enjoy hot weather

It seems that many a Dutch is making the most of the hot weather by heading to the beach - roads towards the beaches are very busy with up to 5 kilometer long traffic jams, according to traffic information services VID and ANWB. The roads to the Zeeland beaches are particularly busy, reports. 

On the A9 from Amsterdam to Alkmaar there are delays around Rottepolderplein due to a burning car. There were also accidents on the A15 near Sliedrecht and the A12 from the border with Germany near Velperbroek junction. That coupled with the steady stream to the beaches is causing a much busier road than the morning rush hour suggested.

Wednesday is the second tropical day of the year, according to Weeronline. This late in August tropical temperatures are quite unusual, as the shorter days are usually coupled with cooler weather.

Thursday is also expected to be hot and sunny. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow heat warning for the entire country and health institute RIVM implemented the National Health Plan. Remember to stay cool and hydrated.