Polish fugitive extradited to Netherlands to serve sentence for fatal accident


A Polish fugitive was arrested in England and extradited to the Netherlands on Tuesday to serve a still outstanding prison sentence for a traffic accident that killed a couple and their grandchild in Meijel, Limburg, the Public Prosecutor announced on Tuesday evening. 

The 35-year-old Pole still has to serve 439 days in jail for causing the serious accident on May 19th, 2013. He hit a 2-year-old girl from Heesch and her grandparents with his car while they were cycling in Meijel. All three were killed.

According to the Public Prosecutor, no alcohol was involved, but the Pole was speeding and lost control of the vehicle.

The fugitive's address was found due to cooperation between special Dutch and Polish detection teams, trained specifically to find fugitives that still have prison sentences to serve. He was arrested by the British police on August 14th at a home in the Thames Valley, west of London, where he worked as a seasonal worker.

In 2014 the man was initially sentenced to community service of 120 hours and a suspended license for one year. The ruling sparked outrage in the Roermond court room and the little girl's father was so angry that he threw a chair at the judge.

The Public Prosecutor appealed and the court in Den Bosch sentenced the Pole to 15 months in prison and a four years license suspension. The man was in custody for 11 days following the fatal accident, which means he still has 439 days of his sentence to serve.

He was transferred to prison immediately after arriving in the Netherlands


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