Police raid Curacao Central Bank president's home

Curacao police (Photo: Wladimir Balentien/Wikimedia Commons)

On Wednesday the Judiciary on Curacao raided the home of Emsley Tromp, the president of the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. The Public Prosecutor in Willemstad would not comment on why he was raided, NOS reports.

The Judiciary also raided trust office United Trust, where Tromp is a customer. The Prosecutor stressed that United Trust owner, Gregory Elias, is not involved in the investigation.

The raids were conducted by the Criminal Investigation Cooperation Team, which was specifically created for dealing with serious and transnational crime.

Curacao media recently reported that there are many questions surrounding Tromp's private finances. Such as that a $3 million loan was awarded to his girlfriend without collateral. And part of that loan money ended up in his own pension fund. Now too there is suspicions of funneling money into private pension funds.