Couple suspected of melting stolen jewelry into gold bars

Rings (Photo: Ernst Vikne / Wikimedia Commons)Rings (Photo: Ernst Vikne / Wikimedia Commons)

A couple from Nieuwegein is suspected of running an operation for years in which they melted stole jewelry into gold bars and then selling it, NOS reports.

The police actually kind of stumbled across the operation while searching the couple's house after their son was arrested in Germany for robbery. The son still lives with his parents, Misa T. and Suzane D. In the house the police found a large amount of jewelry, including 123 rings and dozens of pendants, earrings and necklaces. They also found two melting furnaces in a shed near the house.

According to the Prosecutor, the couple melted the jewelry and then sold the gold bars to a company in Germany. There they were processed into smaller gold bars, which are easier to sell. The company administration revealed that they bought almost 250 thousand euros in gold from the couple.

Both man and woman were on welfare benefits, which the municipality stopped immediately.

The couple denies the accusations. The woman promised to explain where the gold came from in court, but did not turn up for the hearing on Wednesday. According to their lawyer, the couple is on holiday. The lawyer called that the case be handled at a later date, as the defense has not had a chance to read the file on the possible benefit fraud, according to the broadcaster.

The trial will continue on November 16th.

Newspaper AD quotes sources saying that the family is part of a Roma-gang that uses children to steal from especially gullible elderly people. They talk themselves into the victims homes and leave with their jewelry.