Extra Schiphol security causes NS delays

Extra security measures currently in effect around Schiphol airport is causing delays for the buses NS deployed to make up for the lack of trains to the airport due to rail works, ANP reports. 

According to a NS spokesperson, about four buses depart every five minutes, but it is hard to say how long it will take for travelers to reach their destination. The  NS buses can't use the special bus lane and therefore end up with the rest of the traffic waiting to be checked.

Rail manager ProRail started renovation and expansion work on the tracks around Schiphol on Sunday. This means difficulties for train traffic between the airport and Duivendrecht and Schiphol and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena.

On Saturday extra security measures were implemented around the airport due to a signal about a terrorist threat. On Monday it was announced that these measures will be in place for a while longer. Exactly how long or what the threat entails is unclear.