Nearly half of Dutch fear a terrorist attack

A massive 41 percent of Dutch believe there is a good chance of a large terrorist attack in the Netherlands over the next 12 months, according to Maurice de Hond's most recent poll.

PVV voters are most worried about a possible attack, with 69 percent thinking there's a great chance of an attack in the near future. Among PVV voters, only 22 percent think there will be an attack. Despite these concerns, only 5 percent of Dutch are afraid of self falling victim of a terrorist attack.

Some 28 percent of Dutch think that a new world war will break out in the next five years. Here too PVV voters are most worried - 47 percent think a world war likely. This concern is least among D66 voters, with only 10 percent worrying about a world war.

With these concerns, women are more pessimistic than men with 44 percent of women thinking an attack likely compared to 38 percent men. Older voters between the ages of 35 and 64 years are more pessimistic than their younger counterparts, 47 percent and 25 percent respectively. A difference can also be seen in education levels - 35 percent of highly educated people worry about an attack, compared to 49 percent of those with a low education level.