Suspects discuss failed Diemen assassination in emails

Car ends up in a ditch after shooting incident in Diemen, Nov 5th, 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@stepjanssen). (Car ends up in a ditch after shooting incident in Diemen, Nov 5th, 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@stepjanssen))

The Netherlands Forensic Institute managed to break into the phones of two main suspects in the in November last year. In email conversations found on the phones, the suspects discuss the attempted assassination in detail, both before and after it happened, Het Parool reports.

In one email after the attempted assassination, suspect Atif M. writes that "they swept (arrested) Rambo and we're throwing out all telies (telephones)" and that "Bro G. and I are safe". This email was sent to an unknown person. The Public Prosecutor hopes that this person will be identified as the one who ordered the assassination or at least an intermediary.

In an email sent to suspect Qio C., M. demands an explanation. He wants to know whether the police have the car, which he calls the "waggie". "How often have I said not to go together? Why did they just drive into a garage without looking?" the email reads.

Replying, Qoi C. wonders how the police knew where the suspects were going and why the car wasn't immediately set alight.

The suspects also discuss numerous locations they scouted in the days surrounding the shooting, as well as how they wanted to go about the assassination. One plan was to dress up as police officers, signal Peter R. to stop and then gun him down. It is unclear why that plan was abandoned. They also complain that it is "hot on the street (too much police)" and that they "popped" the suspect, but don't know if he's "sleeping".

The Public Prosecutor sees plenty of new evidence against M. and C. in these conversations. According to Prosecutor Koos Plooij, the suspects wanted to "commit an assassination without feeling or conscience". He added that if the plan to disguise themselves as cops went through, "Peter R. probably wouldn't have had a chance".

The suspects decided to remain silent on the matter of these conversations. According to Het Parool, some of their lawyers are shocked by the content of the emails and fear that the Public Prosecutor is holding even worse back as to not disturb further investigation.