Report: Dutch woman abandoned wounded husband in ISIS territory

Dutch woman Laura H. instructed Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to leave her injured husband behind when they helped her and her two children flee from terrorist organization ISIS last week, Kurdish general Bahram Arif Yassin told newspaper Trouw.

According to the general, Laura and her family approached a Peshmerga checkpoint in a white car. The Kurdish fighter initially thought it was a suicide bomber, but when Laura and her husband got out of the car with a white flag "we knew they were refugees", the Arif Yassin said.

Shots were fired at the family from within the ISIS territory, hitting the husband in the leg. The Peshmerga threw mortars into the enemy territory while some fighters ran to Laura's aid. When they tried to also take her husband, Laura told them "he is a bad man and a member of ISIS. Leave him behind", according to the general.

The Kurdish fighters brought Laura and her children to safety. Her husband returned to he ISIS area. It is not clear why he did so, fleeing ISIS combatants that are caught usually face execution. According to the newspaper, one thing is clear: Laura and her kids would not have been able to escape without her husband - women are not allowed to travel alone in the ISIS caliphate.