Reward offered for tip in double abduction case

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The police offered a 25 thousand euro reward for the tip that leads to the solution of the kidnapping cases involving 36-year-old Wendel Meijer from Landsmeer and 21-year-old Soufyan Essabaouni from Amsterdam. The reward was announced on an episode of Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. The police also revealed that no ransom was demanded for either kidnapping. And that Meijer was abducted after a conflict in the criminal world, possibly a so-called rip deal - usually a drug deal in which one party makes off with both the drugs and the money. Meijer was abducted by three men in a white Audi S4 Avant at his business premises in Zaandam last week Tuesday. A burnt out Audi S4 Avant was found early on Sunday morning. The police believe it to be the same car used in the abduction. Essabaouni was last seen on Thursday in a parking lot on Weerenweg in Zwanenburg. Surveillance camera footage show a white Seat forcing the black Audi he was driving off the road. He can be seen getting out of the car and running away while his attackers fire shots at him. The footage does not show whether he was hit or taken, though the police believe that he was kidnapped. The Amsterdam man's family believe that he was kidnapped by mistake. The Audi he was driving when he was attacked belongs to his uncle Mohamed, who is a known associate of Meijer, according to Het Parool The police are also investigating whether a third abduction may be linked to this case.