Gruesome Lelsystad murders detailed; suspect in court

Lelystad mother daughter killed
Fleur van der Mark (16) and her mother Manon Pieters' bodies were found in their home in Lelystad on Dec 13th, 2015 (Photos: Facebook)Fleur van der Mark (16) and her mother Manon Pieters' bodies were found in their home in Lelystad on Dec 13th, 2015 (Photos: Facebook)

Alex L. is in the court of Lelystad on Wednesday for the double murder of his partner Manon Pieters (41) and stepdaughter Fleur van der Mark (16) in December last year. He is also facing charges of raping Fleur and possession of child pornography. L. told the court exactly how the murders happened, according to De Stentor reporter Anton Goegebeur tweeting live from the courtroom. Manon and Van der Mark's bodies were found in the crawlspace of their home on Kinselmeerstraat in Lelystad on December 13th last year. At the time a police spokesperson said they were killed in a "gruesome" way. L. told the court that what led to the murders was the fact that he wanted to leave the family. He and Pieters often fought over debt and alcohol abuse. On Saturday, December 12th, matters escalated when Pieters threatened to put all their arguments, including his sexual desire towards Van der Mark on Facebook. He wanted to walk out but Pieters locked the door. "I wanted the key. Then things escalated", he said in court. "Before I knew what happened, my hands were around her neck." They struggled and L. grabbed a rope - Christmas decorations - from the table. He put it around her neck and pulled tight. "She lay on the ground when I let go", he said. The commotion drew Van der Mark downstairs. She saw her mother on the ground, screamed and ran back up the stairs. L. turned off the WiFi, so she could not call for help and followed her. He told the court that he was not emotional. "I did have anxiety and stress." L. refused to repeat his testimony over what happened to 16-year-old Fleur, so the judge read from the statement he gave to the police. Alex L. used clothing in the room to tie Fleur up. He raped the teenage girl then went downstairs to smoke a joint. "I did not want to kill her, but had to because she saw everything", L. said. Eventually he strangled the girl, first with a leash and then with a securing strap. He kept on until she stopped breathing. Alex L. then realized that his stepson Luc would be home any moment. He hid the two bodies in the house's crawlspace and then went out to run errands. He even bought some jewelry for his girlfriend. He then went camping in the bush, where he was found and arrested that Monday. Luc arrived home to an empty house. When the home was still empty on Sunday morning, he went to the neighbors to ask whether they've seen his mother, sister or stepfather. A search was launched and the bodies were found on Sunday evening.