Food watchdog: Dangerous mineral oils in Dutch supermarkets' pastas

MOAH and MOSH content in Dutch supermarket pastas (Photo: Foodwatch)MOAH and MOSH content in Dutch supermarket pastas (Photo: Foodwatch)

Foodwatch found dangerous mineral oils MOAH and MOSH in food products of supermarkets Alebert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Lidl, the food watchdog announced on Wednesday. Residues of these mineral oils can end up in recycled packaging. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) suspect these oils of being carcinogenic and mutagenic. Foodwatch found MOAH in 9 out of 12 tested house brand pasta products, mainly in pastas like macaroni and tagliatelle. The watchdog also found MOSH in Jumbo's spaghetti, both of Alberth Heijn's products an Lidl's tagliatelle. A similar test done six months ago had similar results. Earlier this year Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health said that the food industry does not have "adequate control" on pollution. "It is up to the industry to combine recycling with simultaneous guarantees on food safety", she said. The Minister addressed the Dutch food industry federation FNLI and it "indicated that it will take action on this". Foodwatch feels the involved companies are not taking sufficient measures against pollutant packaging and wants the government to immediately make protective packaging mandatory.