Majority of Dutch want to stay part of EU

Most Dutch wants the Netherlands to stay in the European Union, but a majority thinks that holding a referendum on a so-called "Nexit' is a good idea, according to a survey done by TNS Nipo, Financieele Dagblad reports.

The results of the survey shows that 38 percent of Dutch think that there should be a referendum on whether or not the Netherlands should stay in the EU. 28 percent are against a referendum and 34 percent have no opinion.

If such a referendum is held, most Dutch voters will vote for staying in the European Union. 54 percent are moderate to strong supporters of EU membership, while 32 percent are moderately to strongly against EU membership.

According to, a previous survey by Ipsos showed that 54 percent of Dutch are against a referendum. But this study agreed that most want to stay part of the EU (64 percent).

This TNS Nipo survey was conducted with a view of the British referendum on June 23rd. In this referendum the Brits will cast their vote on whether or not Great Britain should stay part of the EU.