Dutch schools changing trips abroad due to terrorism threat

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Many Dutch schools are changing their plans for trips abroad following terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, according to a survey broadcaster NOS did among 100 schools. Most schools stil go on trips, but adjust the program.

The survey showed that most Dutch schools do not want to give in to fear, but feel a great responsibility for the safety of their students. So they take extra safety measures when traveling abroad.

One such measure is avoiding capital cities and opting for smaller towns. For example, the Pius X college from Bladel initially planned to visit Berlin, but changed it to Dresden. Many schools planned to visit Istanbul this year, but after recent attacks almost all schools decided to avoid a city and rather go to another location.

Schools also prefer to stay in hotels or accommodations outside large cities and avoid public transport as much as possible.

Peter Hulsen, director of Parents and Education, points out that the trip abroad is the highlight of high school for many students. He hopes that schools go through with the trips, and that parents and schools talk to each other and come up with a way to do so. "I understand the concerns a school has, but rationally considered, you can still easily visit cities such as Paris and Brussels", he said to NOS. "Parents and schools need to talk to each other if there are doubts. Maybe not go to the Eiffel Tower, but take the whole class somewhere else."