More Dutch opting for domestic summer vacations

More Dutch are choosing to stay in the Netherlands for their summer vacation, according to a survey done by the Dutch board of tourism and conventions NBTC-NIPO, RTL Nieuws reports.

The vast majority, about 74 percent, of Dutcvh are still going abroad for vacation, but the number of domestic holidays increased. Some 2.6 million people are staying in the Netherlands this year, 100 thousand more than last year. 1.1 million are visiting a Dutch campsite and 900 thousand people will be staying in a bungalow.

About 7.6 million Dutch are going abroad this year, with France and Spain being the most popular destinations. Germany will also be receiving many Dutch visitors. Vacations in Turkey and Greece dropped 39 percent and 29 percent respectively. Turkey was the target of several attacks over the past month and Greece is being avoided because of the many asylum seekers in the country.