Prosecutor denies report that terrorists had Amsterdam attack plans

Dutch police Arrest team
File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie). (File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie))

There is no evidence that the suspects whose arrests were shown on an episode of Onder de Radar were planning an attack in Amsterdam, the Public Prosecutor in Brabant said on Thursday evening. All suspects will be released on Friday, the Telegraaf reports.

The broadcast showed the arrest of suspects in Roosendaal in April. Among them is a man believed to have fought for a terrorist organization in Syria as well as Samir O., believed to be the financier of the cell. According to the program, the cell was planning an attack in Amsterdam. Several properties were also raided.

But no indications were found that the group was planning an attack, the Public Prosecutor said on Thursday. Up until now the suspects were in restricted custody. They will be released on Friday.

The television program also stated that an "explosive substance" was found in one of the suspects' homes. The Netherlands Forensic Institute determined that the substance is not explosive.

The men are still suspected of money laundering and financing terrorism - over 100 thousand euros in cash were found in one of the raided properties. The investigation will now focus on data carriers that were seized.

The police arrested the group based on an anonymous tip. According to the Public Prosecutor, all terrorism related tips are taken very seriously. So the men were placed under surveillance and arrested. The authorities are now looking for the person who made the tip.

On Thursday lawyer Ed Manders, who represents "one or more of the suspects", expressed his incredulity at the arrests and raids being shown on television while the suspects are in restricted custody - only allowed contact with their lawyers. I myself am not allowed to say anything substantive about the case, otherwise I get problems. It is ridiculous that this was all in the picture.” he said to the Telegraaf. “On TV it is a true spectacle. But I have doubts about the case.”