Lawyer furious about terrorism arrest broadcast

Lawyer Ed Manders can't believe Wednesday night's episode of Dutch television program Onder de radar, which showed the arrests of a group of people suspected to be a terrorist cell, he said to the Telegraaf. The lawyer called the broadcast "ridiculous".

The broadcast showed the arrest of suspects in Roosendaal in April. Among them is a man believed to have fought for a terrorist organization in Syria as well as Samir O., believed to be the financier of the cell. According to the program, the cell was planning an attack in Amsterdam.

Manders represents "one or more of the suspects" that were shown in the broadcast. "What I don't understand is that the gentlemen is (in custody, ed) under restriction. That means that suspects can't have contact with anyone but the lawyer. I myself am not allowed to say anything substantive about the case, otherwise I get problems. It is ridiculous that this was all in the picture." he said to the newspaper. "On TV it is a true spectacle. But I have doubts about the case."

Sources close to the investigation, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Volkskrant that the suspicions listed in the program are unjust. The show claimed that a substance found in O.'s home turned out to be explosives, but according to the Volkskrant sources, this is not true. Closer investigation showed that the men are wrongly accused of terrorism.

The men are in active in the criminal world, according to the sources. And it is possible that the tip the police worked from came from one of their competitors.