Bus driver praised for blocking road to stop dangerous driver

A bus driver is being praised by Arriva for getting a dangerous driver off the roads of Stiens, Friesland on Tuesday. 

The bus driver noticed a 33-year-old driver was speeding and swerving across the road on Tuesday afternoon, according to AD. The bus driver suspected the other motorist had too much to drink and was worried that he'd cause an accident. He called 112 and informed emergency services about the situation.

In a roundabout, the bus driver saw his chance to intervene. He used the bus to block the road and forced the motorist to a stop.

Police officers made the motorist do a breathalyzer test, which revealed that he was indeed under the influence of alcohol. A blood test was ordered because he seemed to also be drugged. His license was confiscated.

Arriva praised the bus driver for his actions. According to the company, the passengers on the bus was not in any danger as the bus was not traveling at a speed for the maneuver to be dangerous, Omrop Fryslan reports. The company stated that the driver assessed the situation properly and made a good call to force the driver to a stop.