Mother of 3 babies found dead, hidden says she's innocent

The Public Prosecutor demanded four years in prison, one of which conditionally suspended, against Yasmine M. - the mother of three dead babies found in Alkmaar and Heerhugowaard in 2014 and 2015. The prosecutor believes the 31 year old woman is responsible for the death of one of the babies and hiding the bodies of all three. M. claims she's innocent, according to AD journalist Victor Schildkamp, tweeting from within the courtroom.

The prosecutor also demanded mandatory psychiatric treatment and and regular pregnancy tests. If M. ever falls pregnant again, the pregnancy and childcare must be supervised.

This whole case got started late in 2014 when a baby's body was found in a plastic bag in a park in Alkmaar. According to Yasmine M., this child, later named Angelina, was born in 2012. In October last year, two baby bodies were found in a shed in Heerhugowaard. A strange smell led to the discovery of baby Caithlyn, believed to be born in 2014. A further search led to the discovery of baby Skye, born in 2010. M. was arrested after DNA tests showed she was the Heerhugowaard babies' mother.

It is believed that both baby Angelina and baby Caithlyn were stillborn. Yasmine told the court that she had no idea she was pregnant. "I had to go to the toilet and suddenly a baby was there", she said to the court about baby Caithlyn. It seems the same happened to baby Angelina. "I got a fright and just ran away", she said about leaving Angelina in the park.

Baby Skye was born alive. Yasmine found her dead in the bath water three days after her birth. She can't remember what happened, she says. "I did not kill her myself. I could not have done that", she said. "I think I took care of her, otherwise I would not bathe her."

The Public Prosecutor believes that Yasmine M. left Skye in the bath, knowing the risk of leaving a newborn baby in the water. He also believes that she knew what she was doing when she hid all three corpses.

M. has a low IQ and says she was afraid of everything her entire life, and is now in therapy for that. An examination by the Pieter Baan Center concluded that she is emotionally vulnerable and can not deal with problems. The fact that she hid her pregnancies and then the death of her children suits her problem avoiding character, according to he experts that examined her. They also concluded that she has reduced accountability, except in killing baby Skye.