Former Justice Sec. to testify on forced child prostitution ring

Former Security and Justice State Secretary Fred Teeven is testifying in court on Thursday at a so-called preliminary hearing in a forced child prostitution case in which a number of high-ranking Dutch officials are implicated.

The case was initiated by by now 43-year-old Bart van Well, who was a child prostitute in his youth. This week the court in Amsterdam is questioning a number of witnesses under oath. So far a number of Dutch elite were named as customers of underage prostitutes in the 80's and 90's, including former Justice official Joris Demdink, former mayor Ed van Thijn, former Minister Onno Rudding and Prince Claus.

Teeven was a prosecutor at the time and was involved in the so-called Rolodex investigation - a secret investigation into the possible involvement of high-ranking persons in sex parties with underage boys, according to the Telegraaf.

The testimony collected in court this week could later be used to press charges against those involved.