LED video floor speeds up traumatic brain injury recovery

LED video floor (Photo: Universiteit Twente)LED video floor (Photo: Universiteit Twente)

This week the University of Twente installed an LED video floor intended to be used for better rehabilitation for patients with walking difficulties, for example due to a brain injury or after an accident, RTV Oost reports.

The video floor will be used as an alternative to a treadmill. The first patients will be able to use it within a few weeks.

The video floor was previously installed in Utrecht. According to technologist Dennis Reidsma, the video floor makes rehabilitation more fun and helps patients work harder. Once a treatment is determined, the therapist programs the video floor, choosing from a number of different games. For example, one of the games is a continuous path with leaves appearing on it. The patient must step on the leaves, if he misses, a shark attacks. "All the games are often competitive, which makes it more enjoyable", Reidsma said to the broadcaster.

The video floor was made by LedGo. The hope is that the cooperation between LedGo and the University will ensure improvements in the recovery and rehabilitation process.