France: Rotterdam terrorism suspect Anis B. had attack planned

All evidence is pointing to terrorist suspects Reda Kriket and Anis B. having an attack planned in France, the French prosecutor said on Wednesday, RTV Rijnmond reports.

Reda Kriket was arrested in France on Thursday last week. A telephone number found in his home led to Anis B., who was arrested along with three Algerian men in Rotterdam on Sunday.

According to the French prosecutor, a huge arsenal of weapons was found in Kriket's house near Paris. It included assault rifles, small arms and explosives and chemicals to make bombs. The police also found five fake passports, brand new mobile phones and two computers containing information on jihadist groups and how to make bombs.

It is believed that Kriket and B. are connected to an international terrorist network called the Zerkani network.

Two of the Algerian men arrested in Rotterdam were remanded into custody for two weeks on Wednesday. The two men, aged 43 and 47 years, are suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization. The third man was released.

France asked that Anis B. be extradited to the country as soon as possible. B. was arraigned on Tuesday. According to the Dutch Public Prosecutor, B. is refusing to cooperate with a quick extradition to France, ANP reports This means that a court must rule whether or not to extradite him. This must happen within 90 days.

On Tuesday night the Rotterdam police raided another home in the Kralingen neighborhood in connection with this case. No weapons or explosives were found.


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