Third Dutch person missing in Brussels attack is Elita Weah, 41

Elita Weah, 41, is the third Dutch person missing after the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday. She was at the Zaventem airport for a flight to America to attend a family member's funeral, freind Monica Ambrose said to Dutch newspaper AD.

Weah has been living in Deventer for years. She received Dutch nationality after the general pardon. She has a 13 year old daughter.

Sister-in-law Dede told the newspaper that Weah's two brothers went to Brussels on Tuesday to look for Elita, but so far without success. "They went to the embassy and the Red Cross, but nothing is known yet."

Friends Monica Ambrose and Jebi Love called for information on Facebook on Wednesday. Family members in America also turned to social media for information on their sister and aunt. "We have shed a lot of tears all day yesterday and have called non stop but we have no information yet, someone please help", one family member tweeted at Brussels Airport.

Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, the other two Dutch missing after the attacks, were also in the departure hall for a flight to America.

Both Weah's family and the Pinczowski family fear the worst, but according to forensic odontologist Eddy de Valck, not all hope is lost. "Perhaps people are unconscious i a hospital, or they're in a shelter without their mobile phone. We therefore currently still have a number of missing people." he said to AD.

Belgian Health Minister Maggie de Block agrees. "A number of wounded are still in a coma or are kept asleep because of severe burns. We will not wake those people to ask their names."