Prosecutor: Imprison monster truck driver that killed 3 for 1.5 years

The Public Prosecutor demanded a prison sentence of 18 months against Mario D., the man who drove his monster truck into his audience in Haaksbergen in 2014, killing three people. The Prosecutor also wants D. banned from driving a monster truck for the next 10 years, according to AD reporter Victor Schildkamp tweeting live from within the court room.

According to the Public Prosecutor, D. made massive mistakes. He had no control of the monster truck and took too big a risk by going through with the stunt in Haaksbergen. The Prosecutor believes he took a gamble that all will work out, without taking the present dangers into account.

D.'s lawyer Rob Oude Breuil acknowledged that the location of the stunt was too small, but does not believe that D. deserves a prison sentence. According to him, D. was not as irresponsible as the Public Prosecutor believes. Oud Breuil thinks D. should be sentenced to 240 hours of community service, with a conditional prison sentence. He agrees with the 10 year ban on monster truck driving.

According to the lawyer, D. is also a victim of this event. Immediately after the accident he was too afraid of being lynched to leave the monster truck. And in the days following that he was convicted by the media, spent days in custody and needed therapy. D. is going to lose everything because he wasn't insured, the lawyer said.

Event organizer Sterevenementen is also in court. Against the organization, the Public Prosecutor demanded a 25 thousand euro fine. According to the Prosecutor, the organization placed too much trust in D.'s capabilities.

The trial against D. and Sterevenementen started on Monday. They are facing charges of manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm. 


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