Monster truck stunt driver: "I could not brake" in fatal accident

In court on Monday monster truck driver Mario D. maintained that something went wrong with his truck's brakes and that he could not stop when he crashed into his audience in Haaksbergen in 2014. Three people were killed and 28 others were injured.

"I could not break, I've been driving this truck for 9 years, I've never had the gas stay open", D. told the court, according to AD reporter Victor Schildkamp tweeting from within the courtroom. He stated that he got a fright and slammed on the brake with all his might. "But if the gas stays you can brake all you want, it doesn't help."

He is "1,000 percent sure" that he slammed the brakes. This despite technical investigation showing indications that he hardly braked.

The trial against Mario D. and the organizer of the event that went so horribly wrong, Sterevenementen, started on Monday. Geerlof Kanis, president of Sterevenementen, also had a chance to have his say.

According to Kanis, worries about something going wrong with the monster truck stunt was low on his list of concerns. He was more worried about the horses freaking out. "If we organize something we do not understand, we start looking for a professional company who can make arrangements for us." he told the court. "We then ask whether it is possible and can be done safely. Sow e worked here too and ended up with Mr. D. Then we went to the municipality of Haaksbergen and received a permit."

D. and Sterevenmenten are facing charges of manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm. The Public Prosecutor will demand sentencing on Tuesday.