Overflowing rush hour trains expected as student protest begins

An overcrowded NS train (Photo: @rvnigtevecht/Twitter)An overcrowded NS train (Photo: @rvnigtevecht/Twitter)

Train passengers can expect overflowing trains during rush hour this morning. Thousands of students will be using the rail transport in protest against NS' plan to ask universities and colleges to change their lesson schedules so students can travel outside rush hour. They hope that this will relieve some pressure on overcrowded trains.

Many students are against this plan. They worry that a schedule that starts and ends later will interfere with their part-time jobs or social life. 

Some 27 thousand students, dressed in orange, red, white and blue, will therefore descent on the trains during rush hour this morning. The idea is to have as many students as possible in the trains.

An online petition against the NS plans was signed by more than 42 thousand people.


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