Conservative VVD party recovering in polls; Labour at all-time low

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The latest poll by Maurice de Hond shows the VVD slowly recovering, while coalition partner PvdA is at an all time low.

De Hond attributes the VVD's recovery to the first Correspondent's Dinner in the Netherlands, held about a month ago. Since that night, when Prime Minister Mark Rutte made fun of the press and fellow politicians, the VVD's virtual seats increased by 5 to a current 23 seats, gaining two seats this week.

The PvdA on the other hand, is at an all time low. The party fell by one seat this past week and now has 8 virtual seats.

The PVV lost one seat and is down to 38. The CDA also lost one and is down to 18. The SP increased by one to 17. The D66 decreased by one to 14, the lowest number of seats for the party since October 2012. GroenLinks gained one seat and is up to 16, the same as the party's highest score ever.