Former Ajax player claims self-defence in attempted murder charge

Evander Sno while playing for Celtic (Photo: @celtic/Twitter)Evander Sno while playing for Celtic (Photo: @celtic/Twitter)

Former Ajax player Evander Sno is appearing in the Amsterdam court this week on charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder. He claims the charges are "exaggerated," saying in an interview with newspaper AD, "I had to defend myself."

According to the Public Prosecutor, Sno and two relatives severely assaulted two other people in Amsterdam on August 11th, 2013. The victims were beaten and kicked, and the attacks continued even after they were on the ground. One of the victims was so badly hurt, that the Public Prosecutor considers it attempted murder.

Sno believes that the attempted murder charge is "greatly exaggerated". "They're making it much larger and worse than it was." he said to the newspaper. "There was a scuffle involving acquaintances of mine. I wanted to calm things down, like: Hey guys, this is not necessary, we are having a good party. Then I was hit and yes, I don't have to let myself be hit, so I defended myself."

According to the footballer, he did not know the victims at all and has know idea what the fight was about. "But I definitely did not kick them as they lay on the ground", he said. "They are inflating this because I'm a football player. If you kick someone on the leg as he lays on the ground, they call it attempted manslaughter. But I did not kick them when they were down."

Sno is not the first Dutch athlete facing court for aggravated assault. In October last year the court of appeals in Amsterdam sentenced kickboxer Badr Hari to 24 months in prison, ten of which a conditional probation period, for a number of charges, including aggravated assault on Koen Everink. 

Sno played professional football for NAC Breda, Celtic, Ajax, Bristol City, RKC Waalwijk, NEC and Westerlo.