German conductor stabbed onboard train in Netherlands

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A German conductor was injured in a stabbing on the Landgraaf station on Tuesday evening. The conductor was transported to the hospital. One suspect was arrested.

According to the police, the stabbing happened around 7:00 p.m. on a train from Heerlen to Germany. The suspect could not show a ticket when the conductor asked for it. The confrontation turned into a fight and the conductor was stabbed in the abdomen with a sharp object. His condition is unknown.

The union for driving staff VVMC is furious about the incident. "Every day there are two violent incidents on and around the rail" Wim Eilert, leader of the union, said to news wire ANP. "And then only the serious cases are reported to the NS. This has to be stopped. Does someone have to die first?"

VVMC demands that the government and the NS take immediate action for more support on trains and platforms. "The previously announced measures to reduce violence on the rail, suc as double staffing on trains in the evenings, have still not been realized by NS and government."