Two arrested at toned-down asylum center debate in Heesch

File photo showing a police arrestPicture: Wikimedia Commons/Lionel Allorge

A meeting about the planned asylum center in Heesch on Monday night was relatively quiet. About a thousand protesters gathered near the town hall, but left again an hour later without incident. Two people were arrested, one for lighting fireworks and another for refusing to identify himself, Omroep Brabant reports.

The protesters weren't aloud on the square in front of the town hall because of an emergency decree issued due to the riots that erupted at the asylum center meeting in the town last week. The protesters therefore gathered around the square. According to the broadcaster, they shouted some slogans but otherwise remained calm.

Most of the some 60 speakers at the meeting were against the arrival of the asylum center. The municipality of Bernheze, under which Heesch falls, wants to open an asylum center that will house up to 500 people for a maximum of 10 years.