Unilever CEO: Brexit worse for Netherlands than other EU countries

Unilever (Photo: M.Minderhoud/Wikimedia Commons)Unilever (Photo: M.Minderhoud/Wikimedia Commons)

Unilever CEO Paul Polman thinks that if Britain decides to leave the European Union, it will mean more damage to the Netherlands than to other EU countries, he said to BNR.

After Germany, the United Kingdom is the Netherlands' main trading partner. In 2014 the Netherlands exported a total of 36.7 billion euros to the U.K. Polman would not explain his statement on the Brexit any further, only stating that "everyone benefits from a strong Europe."

Polman also said that Unilver is preparing for every possible scenario. "We are in 190 countries around the world, so we ensure that we remain competitive, whatever happens. But it is better if the British remain in Europe", he said to the broadcaster.

British voters will soon decide whether or not Britain will remain in the EU in a referendum.