Suspicious: Man found dead in Enschede bakery

Police in Enschede are investigating the suspicious death of a man found lifeless in a bakery there. Officers say an early analysis of evidence shows it was not a natural cause of death and was possibly the victim of a crime.

Local newspaper Tubantia identified the dead man as baker Alex Jaspers Focks, 50, of Alexander Bread and Banquet on Perikweg. Sources told the newspaper he mainly earned a living delivering bread to businesses.

Authorities have not yet publicly identified the victim.

Police were called to the scene at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The man was already dead when first responders arrived, police say. It is not clear who called emergency services, and why.

A large scale investigative team was called in to gather evidence and canvas the neighborhood. Officers could be seen searching the gutters, storm drains, manholes and gardens on the street outside the bakery.

There were no suspects reported in custody as of Friday morning.